About us

Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Centre is a modern initial and continuing vocational training institution with a gymnasium class department, which includes sectoral practical training centres, that guarantee the quality and accessibility of educational services. Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Centre was founded in 2011 by merging Kaunas Food Industry and Kaunas Trade and Business Schools into one centre of schooling.

  • The centre provides education for young students who want to receive their first profession, as well as for people who are changing their qualifications and are seeking practice for an additional professional qualification.
  • In the technological gymnasium department, students in grades 9-10 pursue basic education and students in grades 11–12 pursue secondary education, at the same time acquiring a profession.
  • Pupils in special vocational training programmes are also admitted.

Departments of the centre

A sectoral practical training centre for the food industry (meat and bread confectionery) has been set up in the Food Technology and Trade Division. Training programs: confectioner, bread and pastry baker, food industry worker, accountant, sales consultant. A sectoral training centre for hotels and restaurants has been set up in the Hotels and Catering Division. Training programs: chef, waiter and bartender, hotel economist, guest service worker, room manager, travel agent, office administrator, e-salesman consultant.

The Adult Vocational Training Department accepts all modular vocational training programs implemented at the Centre. The research is funded by employer / personal / Employment Service funds.

Practical training takes place in sectoral practical training centers. The center has a training cafe “Pelėda”, a confectionery workshop, a meat processing workshop, a training hotel, a restaurant kitchen, and a training restaurant.

Students have the opportunity to do an internship in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Slovenia, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and more.

Modern infrastructure