Customer Service Worker

A profession of high-demand that provides a wide range of opportunities in the labor market.

Renovated dormitory and rooms. Modern, new household appliances and internet.

With secondary education, it is possible to study at a higher education institution (additional points are added after graduating from a vocational school and entering higher education).

About the programme:

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to: carry out the greeting, serving and seeing off of the hotel guests; provide them with information; know about the general maintenance of the hotel, the cleaning of the hotel’s premises; serving and making breakfast; be able to maintain the general order in the hotel and its departments; clean and tidy the hotel rooms and common areas, prepare and serve a simple breakfast in the hotel; practice table service in the hotel restaurant, serve hotel guests during breakfast and coffee breaks.

Additional perks: 

  • We organise seminars for guest lecturers. It is an exciting experience, new knowledge and opportunities. 
  • We provide the opportunity for internships abroad.
  • International exchange programs (4-5 weeks) in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Turkey. 
  • We offer reimbursement for transportation expenses. Discount for city transport. 
  • We offer additional points for students entering higher education institutions. Additional points are awarded to those who enter curriculum in the same field who graduate with honours. 
  • Non-formal education groups. Great way to spend free time, a chance to better yourself and hang out with friends. 

We are a community that greatly cares about each of our members! 

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