Bread and pastry baker (Level II)

About the programme:

This programme is designed to train a qualified baker of bread and pastries who would be able to work under the supervision of a higher qualification employee: to select food products and raw materials; to prepare raw materials for the production of bread and cake products; to produce simple technology bread, cakes and confectionery products; to use technological equipment.

After completing this vocational training programme, the student will be able to work in bakeries, small cafes that sell bread, pastry and confectionery made in their own company. The student will not only develop special practical skills, but will also learn cross-cultural subjects. Excellent conditions are created for participation in non-formal education activities (groups), professional mastery competitions, international projects in foreign educational institutions (Germany, Norway, etc.).

Additional perks: 

  • We organise seminars for guest lecturers. It is an exciting experience, new knowledge and opportunities. 
  • We provide the opportunity for internships abroad.
  • International exchange programs (4-5 weeks) in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Turkey. 
  • We offer reimbursement for transportation expenses. Discount for city transport. 
  • We offer additional points for students entering higher education institutions. Additional points are awarded to those who enter curriculum in the same field who graduate with honours. 
  • Non-formal education groups. Great way to spend free time, a chance to better yourself and hang out with friends. 

We are a community that greatly cares about each of our members! 

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